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Picking Up Great Political Science Essay Topics

The first secret on how to write a political science essay is choosing an interesting and original paper topic. You can generally brainstorm several great ideas by just looking at your syllabus and highlighting readings or lectures you find intriguing. But if you aren’t particularly in the mood to develop your own or simply don’t have the time to do so, you can always use any of the following political science essay topics hand-picked by academic experts:

  1. In what ways is the structural functionalism found in ancient Greek society similar to structural functionalism systems that exist in some European nations today?
  2. How do unsanctioned acts of terrorism affect the way countries interact socially and politically moving past the any violent events that may have resulted in deaths?
  3. Does political science lend an effective contribution to the way governments work locally with its own people? Or is it largely a discipline built entirely on theory?
  4. Are third party and independent party politics viable in the two party systems currently in place in the United States?
  5. What impact did the Tea Party have on the last U.S. presidential election which surprisingly showed increased support of traditional Republican Party views?
  6. Is it possible to reach political accord and cooperation in Africa? What does the international community hope to achieve with a unified continent?
  7. What kind of role did grassroots activism play in the last U.S. election? Do you think it has had a more positive or more negative impact on the country’s political awareness?
  8. What are the key differences between realism and neorealism? What did neorealism challenge in its critique of the traditional realist structure?
  9. Is the Tea Party a viable force in the future politics in the U.S. and in other countries? What role do Tea Party supporters have in local government races?
  10. How does the European Union affect the ways the continent maintains political relations with other countries around the world? Is Europe truly a unified entity?

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