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15 Compositional Ideas For Essays About Federalism

The first step to any writing assignment is coming up with some great ideas for college essays. Many students struggle with this and seek out some creative ideas from other resources. We’ve compiled a list of 15 compositional ideas for essay on the subject of federalism:

  1. The United States has debated the concept of federalism over its 200 year history. What have been the major issues of disagreement?
  2. In what ways are federalist concepts considered to be the cornerstones of modern democracies around the world?
  3. What role does the US Supreme Court play in settling disagreement over the proper application of power between federal and state governments?
  4. In light of Trumps new administration and controversial executive orders, what can states do to resist or oppose new policies?
  5. Can the United States survive as a nation if any of its top five state economies were to experience a localized recession?
  6. Why has the duel federalist system failed in some parts of Europe? Does the size of a country dictate whether a federalist system can succeed?
  7. What are the different types of federalist systems? How are some countries in better positions to accept certain types more so than other types?
  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of federalism in developing nations? Do you think other governmental ideals would be a better fit?
  9. California is considered to be donor state because it generates more revenue for the central government than it receives back in services. Is this fair?
  10. How would a legal and peaceful seceding of a large economic state impact the rest of the country? Would federalism fail in such a case?
  11. How has federalism evolved in the U.S.? Is the current state what the founding fathers had intended or is it significantly different?
  12. Do the states hold significant powers that keep them safe from the federal government’s unconstitutional policies?
  13. What rights does federalism guarantee individual states whose populations are in opposition of the federal government’s policies?
  14. How are governments put at risk when federal and state entities disagree with legal policies? Is there a reliable system in place to deal with these disagreements?
  15. How is the distribution of state and federal funds kept fair under a duel federalist system? Are some states in better position to acquire funds?

Feel free to use any of the above ideas for argumentative essays for your own assignment or as inspiration for coming up with your own.