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Decent Advice On How To Write A 500 Word Essay Properly

Even if you first think that a 500 word essay sounds too long or difficult to write, you’ll be happy to know that it really amounts to just about a single page’s worth of actual text. The challenge for many students is actually in trying to say everything they need within the word limit. Here is a step-by-step method on how to write a 500 word essay on any topic:

  • Brainstorm Your Ideas and Create an Outline
  • Instead of jumping right into the assignment, spend a few minutes brainstorming your main ideas and arranging them into related clusters. Because the word limit is pretty low, you should try to choose no more than three ideas to discuss in your assignment. Refer to a 500 word essay example to get a clear idea of what your assignment should look like. Arrange your talking points in an outline, using a point and sub-point format for each of the three body paragraphs. The more detail you include the better.

  • Refer to Your Outline When Writing the First Draft
  • Next, refer to your outline constantly while you write the first draft. The best approach towards writing a first draft is to do so quickly and efficiently. Don’t worry too much about finding that perfect word or phrasing that best expresses your thoughts. You’ll have the opportunity to revise and edit at a later stage in the process. Just keep writing without stopping to make corrections.

  • Focus on Writing the Body Paragraphs First
  • Many experts suggest you try writing the body paragraphs before writing the introduction or conclusion. The reasoning behind this is that the body paragraphs make up the core of your assignment, while the introduction and conclusion serve to set-up and close the topic. It’s much easier to write the introduction and conclusion afterwards because your central argument and direction will be more identifiable with the presence of the body paragraphs.

  • Always Revise, Edit and Proofread Your Paper
  • Finally, always be sure to completely revise, edit, and proofread your paper in its entirety, preferably in three separate actions. Set your assignment aside for a couple of hours before starting this and do each at the paper level, the paragraph level, and the sentence level. If you have the time you can ask a friend or classmate to conduct one more review of your work to ensure it is well-written.